An Inspired Journey

Humble Beginnings, Great Faith:

In a remote village in Kerala, South India, a small group of young people, transformed by Catholic charismatic renewal, came together regularly to pray. They realized that the unrest evident in individuals, families and society is due to lack of peace within. Having experienced for themselves the true and everlasting peace Christ gives, they ardently desired to share it with all. In prayer, they received a divine inspiration and a clear vision to use all modern means of communication to spread the Gospel. This group, under the spiritual guidance of Msgr. C. J. Varkey, responded in obedience, anchoring itself on fervent prayers and divine guidance. Shalom Media thus began its humble journey.

Ever since, Shalom ministries have been instrumental in ushering in the Peace of Christ to thousands of lives across the globe through a number of publications, television programs and other new media initiatives. The ministry organizes retreats and leadership conferences inviting people to open their lives to the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

Shalom Media is dedicated to preaching the Word of God in conformity with the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church. The core team drives all its initiatives, seeking advice from the Church hierarchy. Benny Punnathara, Chairman of Shalom Media, was awarded the Chevalier title in February 2012 by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the highest honor conferred by the Church on a layperson for outstanding contributions to the Catholic Church and society.

The various initiatives of Shalom Media are supported by over 50,000 Shalom Peace Fellowship (SPF) members, through their prayers and financial contributions. All activities of Shalom ministries are well fortified by a strong team of intercessors around the world.

Shalom Media strives to bring Christ into the lives of those who seek peace in this chaotic world, by spreading the Gospel through all forms of mass media.


Benny Punnathara

Founder and Chairman of Shalom Ministries

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Benny Punnathara took a bold step of faith, quit his job, and thus began the humble journey of Shalom Ministries. He is a prolific international Catholic speaker. Punnathara has authored numerous books which have been translated into several languages. In February 2012, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI awarded the title of 'Chevalier' to Punnathara. The title is the highest honor conferred by the Church on a lay person for outstanding contributions to the Catholic Church and society. 


Msgr. C. J. Varkey

First Spiritual Director of Shalom Ministries

 Fr. Varkey, who was sensitive towards the spiritual needs of his parishioners, founded the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate on Sept 8th, 1962. After 16 long years of service in the parish of Kulathuvayal in calicut district,India. He was appointed the Corporate Manager of the School and transferred to Koothuparamba. He served at this post for 6 years after which he handed over the charge to his successor Rev. Fr. Mathew Chalil and returned to Kulathuvayal parish on June 21, 1973. He took charge as the full time Director of MSMI congregation and stayed at Generalate in Kulathuvayal.


A small group of young people begin to meet regularly for prayer.

Shalom Times, a monthly Malayalam Christian magazine launched in 1991, has over 500,000 readers and is the leading spiritual magazine in India. It features spiritual content in simple language, woven around everyday experience of common man.

Originally launched in India, this English Christian magazine re- launched an international version in 2012. The magazine features articles and stories from writers who share personal testimonies,God experiences,conversion stories,and more, offering hope.

Shalom internet ministry begins

Shalom begins broadcasting its first program (Shalom Vision).

Sunday Shalom, the Malayalam weekly newspaper rolls out.

Shalom Peace Fellowship begins.

Shalom Television starts broadcasting 24/7

Peace on Wheels begins its mission

Sophia Books begins publishing

Shalom Institute of Media Science.

Sunday Shalom US Edition was launched with English and Malayalam features

Shalom Media Club launches

Launches eight production houses for Shalom World TV across U.S

Shalom World Television is launched on April 27.